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Top admiring benefits of commercial concrete Seattle | Wood vs. concrete

The best part of concrete commercial Seattle

Commercial concrete Seattle brings a very good deal of custom look and cost-effective concrete tasks. Wood and concrete have been the two most used construction materials for nearly thousands of years. Therefore, you need to identify the difference between these two and reach a conclusion that which one is the most appealing.

If you ask for our opinion, we will definitely vote for concrete. Since there are numerous reasons, we would like to answer them thoroughly. Nowadays, industrialization is growing on a large scale, and you must be very careful of your construction movement. Let's start with this one that concrete can last more than Wood, and we want you to save money first.

Wood vs. concrete

When we think of Wood, a very naturalistic movement comes to our mind. Since wood stores a large amount of carbon dioxide, it brings several benefits. However, concrete has more benefits than Wood. If we keep the CO2 factor aside, it will be bigger naturalistic than Wood. Concrete can prevent fire, water, and other harmful natural objects like sunshine, rain, and many other resources. It is more sustainable enough to provide you with a durable performance than Wood. Though many people fight with cement production, the truth is bitter to them.

You cannot judge from one angle only instead of calculating the ratio and advantages of specific materials. Concrete has more positive outcomes than one or two negative outcomes on the environment. Let's take a closer look.

Concrete competence

  • Great of absorbing heat
  • Concrete will improve the Energy efficiency of a building
  • It will reduce HVAC costs

The most important fact is safety which makes the evaluation easier. Concrete is much safer than Wood, and it decreases the risk of properties. Wood acts vulnerable to external fears like wind, moisture, inspections, and fire. On the other hand, concrete is completely safe from these external threats.

Benefits of concrete commercial Seattle

Very durable

Concrete can stand up to 30 to 50 years without any maintenance. No matter how difficult the situation is, concrete can fight with fire and water resources.

Low maintenance

It has the most minimal maintenance than any other construction choice, especially Wood. There are barely one or two suggestions of maintenances that remain in the optional zone even.


Chemicals, UV rays, water, fire, or any other harmful objects that can cause damage to wood materials, are pointless on the concrete slab.

No rust or corrosion possibilities

Concrete usually doesn't rust or burn, which makes it more versatile than Wood. Non-vulnerable attitude is the biggest weapon of concrete constructions.

Effective soundproofing

Wood is not that much soundproofing like concrete. You can completely trust concrete but not Wood. Therefore, you should go for concrete if you want an effective soundproofing material.


Though many people argue about the price range, you should not let yourself become confused. Concrete is expensive but not simple. Though Wood charges much lesser than concrete, the lifespan is a big issue to consider. Concrete can last up to 50 years where Wood is nothing in front of it. Therefore, if you spend money on concrete, it will be a profitable investment.


How long does a concrete construction last?

Concrete construction can last up to 100 years. Though there are several conditions to apply before you -expect a 100-year lifespan. The installation must be accurate, and no quality compromises should happen.