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How to Melt Ice without Damaging Concrete Seattle Surface in Winter?

Safe Alternative to Salt

During the winter, the driveway, sidewalks, or pathways remain covered with ice. Therefore, the surface of concrete Seattle WA faces a problem because of this. Besides, this hard weather can create damages around your driveways or patios of business place or residence. However, the freezing temperature is commonly causing snow and ice on the buildup on concrete Seattle surfaces. But this incident is completely dangerous to family, walkers, children, pets, and others. Fortunately, you have effective ways to prevent ice and snow from causing damage. These options are beneficial for applying for your home and business’s concrete places. But just to be safe, some of these ways may cause small concrete damage once in a while.

Salt is Damaging

Preventing ice and snow on your concrete surfaces is not easy, but possible. Here, the most common way to prevent porches, sidewalks, and driveways is to apply the prior salting method to ice and snow. Although, you might think this is a quick solution. But this solution has another side effect. Such as, putting salt on the surfaces will cause different concrete Seattle damages. Because salt on concrete or pavement causes pits. Again, once it is pitted, it can eventually give birth to crack and break. Additionally, as we all know, if salt comes in contact with metal like things, it can cause corrosion. For example, your patio furniture. Thus, it causes more damage to your concrete properties. Luckily, you can find different and safer solutions to help prevent ice and snow slippery.

Shovel Area First

One of the most commonly used, tried, and true safer alternatives are shoveling. So, for salting pavement, you can use a shovel. Although sometimes this method will is not be enough and effective to remove ice from the concrete pavement. In fact, ice is hard and heavy. Also, this will stick to the surface, and you will be unable to scrape away with the shovel. But you can start with this method. This is an easy and handy method to try or apply. Therefore, we mentioned it as a commonly tried method.

Cat Litter

Cat litter!!! You have read that right. A cat litter is a new and effective salt alternative. Besides, your driveway can get enough traction through this. Also, litter doesn’t cause any harm to the concrete. But salt would harm your outdoor surfaces, as we mentioned. So, you can grab a natural cat litter. Natural cat litter will not have any chemicals or toxins mixed up with it. You are sure that it will be safe for use in place by then. Besides, no more worries for pets, children, plants, and workers.

Heated Stair Marts

There is another option that you might like. Consider heated stair marts. You can place heated stair mats on every step. Also, use this on other paved areas around your residences or businesses. Besides, these heated mats are flexible and can be placed wherever you want. So, put these heated mats anywhere. This will cause no harm to your concrete Seattle WA surfaces. Also, your pets and children are safe here.

Other Alternatives

The last but not the least, one suggestion for an alternative to salt is this. You can use gravel, wood chips, or straw. Besides, these materials are available in nearby stores. Also, you will find these materials adding traction to potentially icy surfaces; fortunately, these materials do not cause any concrete damage. In fact, this is safe for all weather and all temperature as well. Generally, professionals recommend placing them on paved areas. So, you can prevent snowfall and icy conditions.


Is it possible to install a concrete driveway in winter?

In winter, installing a concrete Seattle WA driveway is challenging. You cannot pour the concrete mixture on the frozen surface. Therefore, winter is not the best time for concrete driveway installation. But for frozen surfaces, professionals use a heated mixture on it. Generally, you should avoid driveway installation in winter.

How long concrete installation takes to dry in winter?

For any concrete Seattle WA installation, winter is not an ideal time. But if in case of your emergency installation, give it 48hours plus. Because of the moist weather, it can take more than the estimated time. Besides, low temperatures can slow down the process.