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How to Maintain Stamped Concrete Seattle WA?

Maintenance of stamped concrete Seattle WA is not a big deal. Instead, you can easily keep clean and strong stamped patios in a few steps. As we all know, stamped concrete Seattle WA is affordable, sustainable, and maintainable. Therefore, this article is all about how to maintain your stamped concrete.

Stamped Concrete Seattle WA

Stamped concrete is known as textured or imprinted concrete. This style replicates stones, marble tiles, etc. More precisely speaking, they look like slate or flagstone. Also, there are different designs among stamped concrete, like a variety of tile, brick, or even wood.

Maintain Stamped Concrete Seattle WA

Regular Cleaning

Any stamped concrete Seattle needs to clean regularly. In fact, daily cleaning is one of the main aspects of stamped concrete Seattle WA maintenance. Besides, if you can keep the patio clear and free from debris, your place will always look new. Not only that, but it also will go a long way toward through protecting the concrete and the sealant as well.

Approximately once a week, you should sweep away foreign contaminants, such as dirt, leaves, and twigs, with a broom. It is also acceptable to use a leaf blower. Afterward, you should rinse off the patio with an ordinary garden hose and spray attachment.

On the other hand, occasionally, your stamped patio might get deep stained by food spills, bird excrement, grease, or anything else. Then, no more worries; you can use any gentle cleanser. For example, dish soap and warm water with a brush to particular spots. Also, you can apply this method to clean the stain. But always try to read the cleaner before applying it. Because the wrong cleaner will harm the concrete. In fact, it can rinse the patio thoroughly afterward. So, avoid such cleaners or harmful chemicals for any residue.

Snow and Ice Removal

Snow and ice are dripping and covering the entire patio sound a common phenomenon. This indeed can wear down the entire sealant. Besides, it can also harm the patio itself. Instead, if you try the traditional removal methods, this can be almost as bad too. However, the better way is to use a plastic shovel or a regular snow blower on your stamped concrete Seattle WA area. In fact, a plow or shovel along with a metal edge can easily scratch it. Unfortunately, that scratch will be more visible.

On the other hand, chemical de-icers are acidic, and also, these can damage sealant on your patio. Therefore, these things should not be used at all. Especially when the sealant stays in a most vulnerable situation during the first winter. Also, just after installing the concrete, this remains vulnerable as well.


Sealing is the last step during the installation of the stamped concrete patio. Now, this sealant gives protection from water, stains, harsh rays of the sun, or other outdoor conditions. Besides, this also provides a shine on top and makes those colors appear richer. However, this sealant cannot last forever. Also, the patio eventually needs to be resealed.

It doesn’t mean you need to reseal the patio too often. Instead, it probably will need above a year and a half too. But if you allow to build up dirt, the different layers of that coating will eventually turn into an ugly shade. Mostly this color will be yellow. It is necessary to reseal your patio every two to three years around in such cases.

However, you may notice that sealant is fading away sooner than in the past. It happens, usually due to extremely bad weather conditions or the constant heavy foot traffic. In such a scenario, you can ignore the schedule and immediately reseal if one is needed.