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A part of your garage that you probably don't think about much is your garage slab. But it is probably the most important part of your garage as it holds all the weight on it. Sometimes your garage might have issues that you overlook, but they can cause you a lot of problems in the long run. You can always hire a true professional contractor for your garage Concrete Seattle WA quotes, but the best approach seems to do some research yourself.

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Why should you hire experts to build/repair your garage slab?

One of the most happening issues with concrete slabs is cracks. Many slabs have cracks in them, varying from small to large sizes. A common misconception among people is, "If it is concrete, then it will have a crack." This, unfortunately, is not the case at all. If a concrete slab is done right, it should serve you for many years without any such problems. Something worth noting is if your concrete garage slab does end up getting a crack, then it's not the end of the world. There are ways to fix almost all kinds of cracks. We hope there will be no mistakes from you to find the best Concrete contractors Seattle.

Here are some words you can consider while testing the quality of Concrete Garage Slabs:

How the ground is prepare

Of course, a solid Concrete Garage Slab needs a solid foundation. Ground preparation is the basic requirement to build a house. So, if the foundation of a house, or a garage, is weak, we will probably be seeing cracks in the slab. First, the topsoil needs to be remove to ensure that the ground preparation quality is good. Next, we have to check if the soil has previously dug up. If the answer is no, then a minimum four-inch layer of gravel or stone needs to be put there. The gravel or stone needs to be compact, so the soil which was dig up before.

Proper Floor Leveling

There was an old rule that the floor of an attached garage can be four inches down than the floor level of your projects. The reasoning behind such a rule was that it would prevent carbon monoxide, gasoline vapors, and spilled gasoline from entering the house. This was done as cars were more likely to leak back in the day. But today, we have advanced cars, so this rule doesn't really stand. The floor level of the garage can be the same as the level of the house. Thus, you can achieve a functional garage of concrete in your properties.

The Proper Mixture

The Concrete Garage Slabs need to be make thick in proportion to the weight they are expect to hold. The minimum thickness needs to be four inches. The common standard for measuring the requirements is represent by the term "Compressive Strength," which means the neat amount of water used in the mix. Adding more water does help with the pouring process, but it also might come at the cost of a weaker slab. To solve this issue, contractors may add plasticizers. For colder climates, it is necessary to include air-entraining agents, which can limit the amount of damage done to the slab.


Don’t forget to ask your contractors these questions

Let’s discuss some of the simple questions you can ask your contractor to determine their quality. There are many contractors who deal with Concrete in Seattle, WA. To pick a good contractor, check these things:

  • Their customer reviews.
  • How reputed they are as a company.
  • If they have the proper license.


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A garage is not only suppose to store your car, but a damaged garage can cause a lot of problems for your house. This is why we suggest taking extra care while building your Concrete Garage Slab and seeking professional aid, as it can save you from a lot of mess.


Do I need to remove existing concrete for the repair?

It depends how much damage has happened to your concrete structure already. It the damage seems small; you can repair it without remove the existing concrete slabs. However, if the concrete has been damage too far, you probably need a quick replacement from our trusted Garage Concrete Seattle WA.