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Decorative Concrete Patio Seattle Techniques

The concrete contractors Seattle offers various concrete patio Seattle. In fact, there are so many varieties in patio Seattle installations. Besides, you can find different techniques online for concrete patio Seattle installation. Let’s discuss over some decorative concrete patio Seattle techniques to transform your place. 

Concrete Color 

You can color any concrete foundation. Isn’t it great? Now, the concrete has different types of colors. You can choose through various pigments or stains. Now, these pigments can be added to the concrete prior. So, just pour and allow the color to get fully mixed up. Besides, you can find the pigments in liquid or powder form. But usually, owners allow earthy colors. Such as brown tan. But now, you have other colors mixed with concrete. Such as green, grey, and blue can be added as well. 

However, there are multiple types of concrete stains available in the market. These colors can be applied at any time throughout your process. Typically, the concrete patio Seattle is colored just after the installation. However, you can add the stain when the pouring is done; therefore, the final product will look vibrant as possible. In this case, the stains come in more subtle and earthy tones like pigments. Moreover, consider acrylic-based colors. Because this time, you can add black or white coloring to your patio Seattle design. 

These are the decorative concrete coloring techniques. Besides, it will perfectly complement the architecture of your place with patio coloring. So meanwhile, give your patio a completely unique and customized outlook.

Concrete Finishes 

Before installing one, consider how much moisture will be exposed to your patio. Do you have a nearby pool? Or does your location face a lot of rain? Even you might face children running back and forth, resulting in unexpected spills? Now, if your case is among these, consider any decorative concrete texture. Therefore, it will add more traction for safety and comfort walking. 

One of the other ways to add traction is the broom finish. In fact, a broom finish is more effective than others. It is used after the concrete has been smoothed and ready to give traction. Now, this process is done by dragging a broom across the wet concrete. Thereby it leaves small ridges everywhere to give grip. 

On the other hand, a salt finish will be ideal when you have a pool. This finish will serve best on your concrete. Besides, Rock salt is usually applied to wet concrete. But eventually, that goes wash away. But once it is complete, some small pits are left behind. Then, this will give some much-needed traction as well. 

Concrete Texture 

There are multiple and different ways to achieve concrete texture for your place. But let’s focus on the decorative concrete stamping here. 

Stamping usually has three main steps. They are: 

  • Base color
  • Accent color 
  • Stamping

For example, you want a wood-like finish for your concrete patio. Then, first, you need to choose the color you want to have. Once you have decided, the colors will be added to the concrete mixture through powder pigments or stains. After that, you will see the design stamped. 

The concrete is now stamped by using patterned “stamps.” In addition, the stamps are used on the wet concrete:

  • The pattern is softly pressed in and then, allowing the concrete to mold to that particular pattern. 
  • They will carefully remove the stamp. 
  • The process will be repeated throughout the entire surface. 

Concrete stamping is a very popular method. Also, it can mimic one exact look of stone, wood, brick, tile, etc. Plus, you will find concrete stamping a much more affordable option.  


Is concrete patio Seattle less expensive than pavers?

Concrete patio Seattle is less expensive than pavers. But generally, basic estimation depends on the size of the area and the quality of the materials. Concrete patio installation costs are between $6 and $12 per square foot. On the other hand, pavement installations typically cost $8 to $25 per square foot. Besides, there will be extra costing for tools and other stuff, including installation.

Why is concrete patio Seattle so cheap?

That's because modern concrete is basically a mixture of water aggregate. Aggregate comes from small rocks, sand, and Portland cement. But when it becomes concrete, it has other attributes that cement alone does not. Such as, it's more economical. On the other hand, Rock and sand are cheaper than cement. So, mixing them and making concrete is a more affordable process than pure cement.