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Concrete Seattle WA is Better than Asphalt

Are you confused between concrete and asphalt installation? Don’t worry; we can help you here. This article is all about what to choose between concrete Seattle WA types and asphalt installations. Let’s see the details discussed below.

Concrete Seattle WA is Better Choice than Asphalt


Concrete can outlast asphalt easily. In fact, you can have a decade without needing repairing or much maintenance. Besides, the decade of long lasting service is not the only thing you are getting. Meanwhile, you might still need to apply the concrete sealer once in a while. But you won’t have to seal the entire pavement as often. On the other hand, this benefit does not come with asphalt pavements. Many of the owners, customers, managers appreciate stamped concrete Seattle WA, than asphalt. Concrete doesn’t create potholes as the asphalt does. Not only can you reduce repairs, but you can also improve driving conditions. In addition, it saves you money in the long run.

Durable for High Traffic

Concrete is more durable than asphalt. In fact, it can withstand the weight of heavy traffic. Also, you can often use it for freeways, intersections, and curved roads. But certain types of asphalt cannot meet these requirements. They aren’t strong enough for heavy traffic. Such as you might have seen this. There are ruts in the pavement caused by car tires. So, undoubtedly, concrete is a better choice than asphalt.

However, the intersections tend to wear out quicker than any straight section of a road. Besides, due to cars turning and stopping, this can be hard to maintain. Thankfully, concrete roads are here. They are durable enough so that they don’t want potholes from all days’ heavy traffic.

Durable for Heavy Loads

Not only stamped concrete Seattle WA type is good for high traffic areas, but it is also good for heavy loaded trucks. For example, you have a lot of semi-trucks. They come in and out at the commercial property most of the time. Therefore, you need something sustainable and strong. In these cases, you should consider the advantages of installing a stamped concrete Seattle type.

Concrete platforms are durable enough to withstand the heavyweight of loaded semi-trucks. As a result, you don’t have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs. Unlike asphalt, concrete usually and quickly doesn’t tear under stress.

Decorative Outlook

You can find concrete that you can do coloring and stamped. Besides, with colored stamped concrete Seattle WA you can improve the appealing curb look of a community. How your house looks, a community looks, etc. (which also includes concrete designs) affect people. Because people decide to shop or live in those areas that look appealing to them. For example, a clean stamped concrete certainly gives the impression of a city as well-cared. Also, that means the businesses are doing well.

On the other hand, stamped concrete patterns will give you the look of bricks. In fact, there are available decorative stone patterns you can have. Besides, a concrete block wall can also improve an appealing curb look. For example, you can design or create a decorative concrete block wall for your shopping center or a commercial building. You can also apply concrete stains. Make the color of your pavement looks like brick or even natural stones.

Improves Pedestrian and Motorist Safety

Decorative concrete also improves pedestrian safety. Because it indeed marks walkways. Besides, you can improve safety through this installation. There are no potholes visible or invisible to trip over. Especially after a harsh freeze-thaw cycle, still, your place is safe.

You can consult with concrete experts, and they can explain more. So, you can expect all these benefits by installing your new decorative concrete pavement.