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19 Types Of Macaws A Comprehensive List With Photos

Macaws Everything You Need to Know About These Giant Superstars


Macaws are also extremely intelligent birds and have been known to use tools to reach food sources, as well as mimic human speech. These birds can be found in zoos and pet stores worldwide, where many of them have become beloved companions for their human owners. Macaws are perhaps the most easily recognizable birds in the parrot family (Psittacidae). Colorful and entertaining, these birds have been kept as pets for hundreds of years. Unlike many other parrots, macaws typically have signature patches of bare skin on their faces that can range in size and color. These birds easily top the list if we’d talk about the most beautiful parrots due to their flashy thick patches of feathers that are solid red, blue, and yellow.

This installed script is only supported on CentOS7 64-bit OS and version 3.10 or higher of the Linux kernel. Macaw platform can be installed locally on a Windows desktop/MAC running Vagrant/Virtual Box. The below documentation assumes that working installation of Vagrant and the system are in place. The recommended version of Vagrant and virtual box are listed below.

Installation and Setup – Necessary Software Packages

As shown above, each item in the domain-entities json object will represent an domain entity(here, key corresponds to name of domain entity). A custom exception can be used in a rpc declaration as shown below. As can be seen, it’s pretty straightforward to represent a “Ticket” as a container, especially when the attributes are of primitive types. In this document, they will be collectively referred to as Non-primitive types.


The Hyacinth macaw, the friendliest of all macaws, is probably the best pet. They have an endearing and friendly nature but need lots of care and attention, so you have to consider if you can handle the responsibilities that come along with them. This fungal infection causes respiratory illnesses in birds and is extra challenging to cure. Those acutely infected quickly die due to respiratory distress. Their eyes stay closed for several days and are only sparsely coated in downy feathers. That’s why only the older and stronger chick commonly survives.

Setup and Installation

However, in production, native mode microservices aren’t recommended for reasons like deployment environment management and scalability. Use native mode for running microservices, only during development. Now that you have published your microservice, it is time to deploy it on the target Macaw platform instance. This can be accomplished via the DevOps Console which is part of the Macaw platform installation. The Macaw Platform SDK bundles a code-generator tool for rapid development of custom microservices on Macaw microservices platform. Storage – This defines the various mount/volumes that your environment can provide.

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The Hyacinth Macaw is an all-blue, stunningly gorgeous parrot that captivates everyone who looks at one. Personality-wise, Spix’s Macaws are energetic and noisy parrots that want nothing more than to play and enjoy life. Although they’re smaller than many other Macaws, they’re still a colossal parrot and require a lot of extra room and space. With this in mind, let’s take a close look at the 19 different species of Macaws by going over essential and useful information about them all.

Manual Installation Steps – Service VM/Host

MACAW platform also provides a way to deploy a webapp on the platform which invokes deployed microservices. The microservice implementation can use these passed configurations to then communicate with the database instance that has been provisioned for the service. Macaw platform, however, does allow microservices to have their database schemas be provisioned and managed by the platform. The developer can just interact with this provisioned instance just like any other database instance. The database instance’s lifecycle, however, will be managed by the Macaw platform. The reason for this is that these entities are sent across the wire.


Let’s now see how to use this grouping as the output type of the previously defined rpc method. As you noticed, we used “typedef” keyword to create an “enumeration” type with a pre-defined set of values. We then used that enumeration within our ticket container, by referring to the name of the enumeration as the “type” of the status attribute/leaf. The Macaw platform provisions the database schema, one per service instance cluster.

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