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Seattle concrete services company, Cloud Concrete, has been in the business of providing quality concrete for over 20 years. We have a team of experienced contractors on hand that can tackle any project from small to large. Whether you need stamped concrete or exposed aggregate, Our Concrete Contractor Seattle WA have got you covered! Our wide range of services include driveway paving and retaining walls as well as concrete stairs and walkways. No project is too big or too small for us!

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We serve commercial and residential customers in Seattle with a variety of concrete services.

Concrete Contractors Seattle WA

Best Concrete Contractors in Seattle WA

Cloud Concrete Seattle is one of the reputed leading companies that has been operating their excellent services for many years. Our Concrete contractos Seattle WA always try to give our best because customer value is highly important to keep our goodwill stable. You can expect both domestic and commercial Concrete services Seattle from us. Our completed project contains a great valuation to tell you about our efficiency. Let's show you how to get more free quotes from Cloud Concrete Seattle WA. We handle all types of concrete-related projects. Schedule a meeting with us or make a phone call to us for all concrete-related projects. we have a top position in the construction industry in the Seattle area. Our customer service team handles the problems and queries of homeowners and clients.

High-Quality Concrete Services In Seattle

Our management, processes, and experience work together and make a successful environment for customers. If you want to check our quality of materials and expertise, you are welcome as we have the best expertise and products in town. Therefore, you must come to our Concrete contractors Seattle WA to ensure the excellence of your properties.

Cost-effective benefits

If you are worried about cost, Our concrete contractors Seattle WA can be your most significant partner. Our price range is cheaper but quality full. Moreover, there is no hidden charge that breaks your faith. We urge you to rely on us and the warranties and guarantees we offer delightfully. Get consistent and seamless services from our foundations Seattle and concrete restore Seattle WA, for your upcoming project.

Excellent Productivity

We make sure that none of our clients have dissatisfaction through our Concrete services Seattle. The ultimate goal is to keep up the good work and ensure quality production. Therefore, customers love our facilities because of their stress-free event. Our packages include prompt delivery, top-quality services with reliable materials, competent feedback, and cost-efficiency. We want to add that Cloud Concrete Seattle considers their customer as a family member as it helps to think that we serve our own place. If you want to be a part of our family, let us know how to get started.

Our Concrete Services Seattle, WA you can Trust

Our Concrete Contractors Seattle WA offer a comprehensive range of services to all our domestic and commercial clients and home owner. Therefore, you will get the most comfortable and effective concrete solutions by hiring our Concrete Contractor Seattle WA. Let's have a look at our demanding Concrete services Seattle.

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Residential Concrete Repair and Services In Seattle

When it comes to ensuring the strength of your home, we stand firmly beside you. Many homeowners fall into a trap by lessening to the wrong guy. There will be no such sort of things here as you can be sure about what we are doing and why. Our Concrete contractor Seattle WA explain the work progress and show the expertise and materials before work, which helps our customers trust us completely. Moreover, you can ask for any type of repair concrete from us as we have mastery of this. Therefore, Get the most amazing and prompt delivery from our team without wasting time. 


Commercial Concrete Services in Seattle

A lot of businesspersons think that commercial means expensive, and most of them fall into that trap. The expensive comes out according to the size and quantity of work but not the retail areas. You can depend on our reliable commercial concrete services because we have an inexpensive and wide range of services to deliver. Mistakes in concrete services or installation cost more damage because you need to break the things and start from the beginning. However, Concrete Contractor Seattle focus on quality rather than fake attention. Our skilled contractors always go for a detailed inspection in your commercial areas before the final work. It helps to earn the best possible results eventually.


Supremacy of exterior with our concrete materials

Driveways, patios, concrete repairing, pool decks, and many more concrete services Seattle are included in our service list, and we are ready to consult with you. Our well-formulated concrete lasts for many years, and we have warranties and guarantees to prove that. If you feel insecure about our efficiency, check our previous work on the website and make sure that you are hiring the right concrete contractors for your exterior.


The superiority of Interior concrete floors and resurface

Most people think of concrete after two or three options, which is shameful. As per scientific and practical experiments, no interior flooring becomes as durable and flexible as concrete. You can add classy feelings to your concrete interior floor and also hundreds of customizations. Therefore, do not be fooled by not considering concrete Interior that is highly stunning and easy to maintain. Learn why we are insisting you think of our interior concrete services.

Concrete Driveways

Potholes and deep craters in concrete driveways are not only unpleasant, but they will also lower the value of your home and its aesthetics. It is important to choose a concrete contractor carefully, but it is even more important to be vigilant when it comes to a location that will be viewed more often. Surfaces that are smooth will be needed to withstand the weight of your vehicle and the severity of the weather, especially rain. Concrete contractor Seattle WA provides top-notch workmanship to reduce the effects of poor drainage, temperature variations, and heavy objects on your concrete driveway.

Why Choose Us As Your Concrete Company In Seattle?

Our Concrete Contractors Seattle WA know how to satisfy our customers with a great version of quality services and products. There are certain qualities that might influence you to consider us different and more efficient than other companies in Seattle.

  • Valid warranties and guarantees provider
  • Professionalism on the root
  • Reliable, top, and functional services
  • 100% deadline competence
  • Custom and modern design options and capturing them professionally
  • Stress-free services and fast project confirmation
  • Highly skilled and licensed concrete contractors Seattle
  • 100% success rate
  • Get unlimited free quotes

Seattle Concrete FAQ

What is concrete?

Concrete is a material that is composed of finely bonded fluid cement that hardens over time. It’s usually used in construction and other similar activities because it can provide strength, durability, and longevity to buildings or any other structures. However, concrete should be handled with care as it may contain chemicals which are harmful to the environment if not disposed properly. In this section we will discuss Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Concrete and answer them for you!

The popular belief is that concrete and cement are the same. However, that’s not true. Concrete is a material that is composed of finely bonded fluid cement that hardens over time. Earlier on, lime-based cement was used to make concrete. However, concrete is nowadays made of hydraulic types of cement, such as Portland cement. Portland cement is a generic term, not a brand name-don’t get it twisted.

Quick Fact: Concrete is the most widely used man-made material in the world.

​What are concrete’s physical properties?

Concrete has a compressive strength of around 150 MPa when set, and its tensile strength can reach 20 MPa or more after 28 days.[n] However, this value can be highly variable depending on how it was mixed. The density of concrete ranges from 2400 kg/m³ to 2700 kg/m³ (305–352 lb/ft²). A cubic metre weighs about 2500 kilograms (~5500 lbs) before installation, but adding vertical reinforcement adds an additional 2340 kilograms (~5000 pounds), making a total weight between 4760 and 5280.

Can you reinforce concrete?

Typical concrete mixes are strong enough for most constructions. However, under some circumstances, you may want to improve the durability and strength of the concrete by reinforcing it. If you want your concrete to be more resilient to harsh weather conditions and water, you can change the mixture.

Sometimes a concrete mixture can be too weak for the application, and it may require reinforcement.

Concrete is strong enough on its own to handle most construction jobs that are not extra heavy duty or high risk but sometimes you need to reinforce it by adding steel rods or mesh into the mix before pouring.

Can I use aluminum in concrete?

No - Aluminum will chemically react with any of the compounds found in concrete, which means they would corrode together when exposed to water over time. However, the easiest method to reinforce your concrete is by adding steel mesh or steel rebars before pouring the mixture.

How much concrete do you use?

To measure the amount of concrete you need for any project, you need to:

  1. Identify how thick you want your concrete.
  2. Evaluate the length and the width of the area you want to pour concrete
  3. Determine the square footage of the site you want to cover
  4. Convert the thickness to feet
  5. Multiply the thickness by the square footage to determine the amount per cubic foot you need. Should you use bags or order from a concrete company?

Tough jobs like driveway construction are easier to complete by ordering concrete from a yard rather than mixing the concrete by yourself.

Can you improve the curb appeal of your concrete?

Yes. Concrete is a common paving substance, but it doesn't have to have that traditional feel. Re-thinking about your space is framed, and adding a few things can change everything to create an exciting area.

You can refinish the surface with a scoring pattern, stains, and paving veneer. You can also add color to your concrete mix or stamp it to have a concrete or brick look. Stamp concrete is appealing and also helps to hide future flaws.

What are the benefits of concrete?

The main benefit of concrete is that it’s durable and can last for decades. This means no matter how many storms come through, you won't need to worry about replacing your driveway or walkway anytime soon. Concrete also doesn't require a lot maintenance- only painting when required (most likely every five years). You don't have to worry about molding in between cracks either- so there's less chance for leaks on rainy days. It’s also easily accessible due to its low cost!

How do I know if my concrete needs sealing treatments?

Many people make this mistake because they assume all types of concrete will become stained and dirty over time after use as well as